Selenium Deposition System

Our selenium deposition equipment enables safe, efficient and cost-effective CIGS cell production using vapor transport deposition (VTD) in an inert, atmospheric-pressure environment.

Thanks to highly accurate temperature control, it ensures a uniform temperature distribution across the substrate in the deposition area. Together with the laminar flow injector design, this guarantees a homogeneous selenium layer.

Load locks at the entrance and exit of the deposition chamber prevent the release of process gases without the need for gas curtains. This both maximizes safety and reduces the overall cost of operation. It also maintains low contamination levels for higher module efficiency.

System includes

  • Glass conditioning
  • Laminar flow injector
  • Thermal evaporator for elemental selenium

Features / benefits

Product feature Benefit for you
Accurate temperature control with uniform temperature distribution Homogeneous Se layer for maximum substrate efficiency
Load locks at entrance and exit prevent process gases escaping Extremely safe operation at all times
Low oxygen levels < 100 ppm Less contamination for better module efficiency
Balanced gas flow reduces Se deposition in process chamber Less cleaning and more uptime for higher productivity
Laminar flow injector ensures uniform gas flow across substrate width Homogeneous Se layer for maximum substrate efficiency
No gas curtains Lower inert gas consumption and cost of ownership
Automatic evaporator replenishment system Enables non-stop production


Schematic diagram